As a former partner in the Swedish company Sebra Film, for many  years

Anders has been working all over the world on a wide range of  international film and television productions. Many of these have concentrated on the state of our planet. They have included "Forests of  the World", ”Drugs around the world”, ”Culture Spans The World”, ”World of  Democracy” and ”Peace and Conflict Resolution”.

When Thor Heyerdahl decided to tell the story of his life on film, he chose Sebra Film to undertake the task. The resulting series "The Kon-Tiki Man" achieved a worldwide audience and was widely acclaimed.

Anders now has his own production company and in April 2006, when another balsa wood raft, "Tangaroa", was launched to cross the Pacific, fifty-nine years after the "Kon-Tiki" expedition, Anders was chosen as the official film/photographer. Today Anders often works as a cameraman in ”live television” of different sports and make his own documentaries.

All this experience has enabled him to achieve a high professional standard in many aspects of film making. He is equally at home as a director/camerman, sound engineer, dubbing mixer, and film editor. In addition he is up to date with all the latest technology.

Christopher Ralling, who was Head of the BBC TV Documentary Department, writes: "I have known Anders Berg for many years, and I cannot think of anyone else who possesses such a wide range of programme making skills. Added to which he has a warm and friendly personality, which disarms hostile strangers and immediately puts the shy and awkward at their ease…”





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Photo: Anders Berg